Here you will find the different options for 1:1 Coaching packages

Ready to initiate change in your life?

Maybe you are unhappy where you are in your professional or personal life and are looking for support. Maybe you are looking for some guidance in your personal processes or because you already feel you have reached your personal limit (I have certainly been there as well) or have tried many different things to move forward. There is something that is not right. Maybe you already identified it or maybe you are feeling a lot of anxiety, confusion, disorientation and discomfort.

But there is something you know. You want to impulse a change. Click on the button below to read what is contained in this 8 week coaching package “jumpstart and impulse”.

Would you like to start a new chapter in your life?

Would you like to start a new chapter in your life?
A chapter where you feel aligned with your personal and professional path. And therefor you want to create lasting and sustainable changes.

This coaching package is designed to consolidate habits that impulse your development, routines that make sense to you, actions that create visible changes. And most of all getting to know yourself deeply and accepting your whole SELF.

You will be surprised about what you can install and consolidate in 3 months.

Who am I and what is my purpose?

Questions like these create a lot of doubt and confusion. And at the same time it is so necessary to address and explore them.

Getting to know yourself more deeply is key to to more towards your dreams, your purpose, your vocation or whatever word you makes more sense to you. Feeling confident and empowered to go after your dreams are only the consequences of uncovering the world you have on your inside.

Read more about my VIP 6 months coaching package “evolve and transform”.