When your intuition tells you that something is off… it´s because something is happening.

If you have come here, I am so happy, because it means your are looking for support and that is a big step. The fact that you are seeking help for me is without a doubt a courageous act.

What will you get support on with this coaching package?

You will find ways to support yourself, discover beliefs that do not allow you to progress, you will recognize fears that influence your behavior and you will start to unlearn those habits that no longer serve you in order to learn new more empowering habits for yourself. You are going to build the foundations for you to take action and move forward into the direction you choose.

What does this coaching package contain?

One weekly 60 minute coaching session via Zoom .

Unlimited Voxer support during the week (Mon-Fri 9-17 CEST)

Weekly action plan to support you in taking action.


958€ (one payment) or 488€ (monthly payment)