Have you learnt everything you know from one person?

I imagine your answer is “No”. There are people from whom you learnt more, from others just something small, but that was equally significant…and from other just something very specific.

This is the vision I apply to my Coaching style or the different streams and styles I use in my Coaching sessions.

Variety is my style

Different techniques or exercises from the world of behavioral therapy can be very helpful and so is systemic coaching, where you can learn and discover multiple perspectives.

Neurolinguistic Programming centers its focus on the internal communication and also communication with others. And there are diverse exercises and streams in the world of coaching that offer new angles that can help you discover and uncover so many valuable insights.

Discovering spirituality can also create a new space for finding purpose and meaning in life.

Both understanding human functioning from its scientific side as well as other tools and topics can help you gain so much valuable insight into yourself.

Coaching Style Daria Rosl

There is no one size fits all in personal development.

Coaching Style Daria Rosl Psychologist Coach
Using different disciplines, orientations and topics creates a diversity that facilitates understanding yourself.

It is like trying on different styles of clothing, you can have a preference for one, the one that suits you, where you feel most comfortable …but then you also have days where you prefer a different style.

The foundation to be able to use all these different tools is feeling comfortable, having trust and being open to explore and this is the most important piece for me. Apart from the techniques and all that I want to give you the container, the space where you feel supported and welcome just as you are and in whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

When we feel “off”, discontent or anxious it is for a reason. Taking the step to ask for support is a big and brave move that shows your courage and the importance it has for you to take care of yourself. To improve. Feel better. To find answers. Progress. To make a change. To como back to balance in your life. To establish changes in your relationships. Above all in to strengthen the relationships with yourself. And to find your flow again.

I know you have the capacity, the skills, wisdom and strength to create the changes you desire and I am here to help you see and feel them with empowerment and clarity.