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I´m Daria Rosl. Psychologist. Coach. Curious optimist.

In search for answers.

In search of different options.

Ever since I was little I was curious and a little rebellious, in search for answers that were different. And so it seemed like a good choice to study psychology to better understand human functioning and processes from a scientific standpoint. I studied at Goethe University in Germany.

Oh yes, little detail, my nationality is German.

I love languages and have discovered new worlds and new areas of myself through them. That´s why I coach in English and Spanish mainly. I learned in my personal journey that expressing myself in another language gives me more freedom and the ability to communicate with more sensitivity.

Through my search for purpose and direction in my life I have experimented very different periods both personally and professionally. Living in countries like Canada, New Zealand and Chile (for almost 7 years) and working in the field of organizational psychology in the Human Resources department of a big multinational company to then move on to a new destination with my own projects and entrepreneurship.

The red thread (like we say in German) in my professional journey has always been supporting others in their growth and development both in specific capabilities like learning a second language (one of my projects that is based on my passion to learn languages is tonavelira, a space where Spanish speakers can learn HOW to learn a language in a way that is adapted to their lifestyle) or supporting others on their journeys of change and personal challenges.

Both my life and my business have many times been a mirror to me, showing me my own and self-imposed limitations, demands (external and internal ones) that paralyzed me and patterns/habits that have been internalized for many years, like for example the “I don´t need help or support, I can do this by myself.” These led me to the point of total “stand-by”, going through very complicated phases of burn-out and depression and the feeling of being completely lost and disconnected from myself.

Getting over life´s challenges (like living abroad for long periods of time or finding the right professional path) and noticing that it was myself who had the power to eliminate those limitations has given my so much passion to support others to break through their limitations, discover their talents, purpose and personal facets facetas and experience growth processes that impact their lives in each and every one of its areas.

About me Daria Rosl Psychologist Coach personal story

Through additional trainings I found more and more tools that I considered powerful and I noticed it did not make sense to me to pursue one specific coaching style but rather exploring and being able to apply different methods and styles.

And this is my life´s mantra: There is not ONE method for all. It is in the variety that we can discover and uncover missing information.

I use my psychology background, add diverse coaching tools from different coaching orientations like systemic coaching, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), behavioral psychotherapy, spirituality and I am open and flexible in their use.

Every style is like a different language and I am here to find the right words and expressions for you.

Every person finds meaning in different places and I will be by your side to support you in your search for answers.


About Daria Rosl Psychologist Coach

Official Bio

As a Psychologist and Coach, I help women who are going through a hard time in their lives to establish healthy relationships, manage their emotions, fears and gain confidence to feel empowered and como back into their personal balance. Taking the step of seeking support to leave behind patterns, beliefs and behaviors is a very courageous step and I am here to accompany you to connect with the confident and brilliant woman that you are.