Establish healthy relationships, gain confidence and be yourSELF.

Overcome blocks and be in charge of your life.

Having support through the SELF Program

Psychology for women

Imagine this…

Program Self Daria Rosl - Overcome blockages and fears. Gain confidence to get to know and be yourSELF

Being able to be yourself and feel at peace with or without a partner, without having to force yourself to make things flow.

Imagine feeling support in your relationships in a healthy and balanced way, where you feel seen and understood because this is how you feel about yourself.

Not tripping over the same obstacle so many times and going after what makes you feel good.

Being able to have the resources and personal tools to face everything that comes your way because you know yourself .

Imagine being able to listen to your intuition and trust yourself, feeling how important and brilliant you are and being clear about your values, what is good for you and helps you move towards your goals, your desires and your passion. 

Feel at peace with yourselfaccepting yourself with all your facets.

SELF program (Psychology for women).

What is the discovery session and what is it for?

Maybe you have found yourself in one of these situations:

You have had bad experiences in relationships where you have felt like you cannot be yourself, with or without a partner.
You have stressful arguments with family members where you feel like you 
are not in control of your emotions .
You notice yourself being really hard on yourself to the point of feeling discontent with yourself but also not knowing how to change things.
In your relationships you cannot fully show up as yourself, which leaves you tired.

With the SELF Program can get support on:

Feeling confident and dare to let yourself shine as you are.

Putting your well-being first, feeling at peace.

Accepting yourself with all your facets .

Building relationships that flow without losing your personal balance.

Knowing how to feel good by yourself and in a relationship.

Making decisions and moving on.

Knowing how to manage stress, anxiety to feel better.

Believing in yourself and feeling worthy.

Identify and unlearn beliefs that do not serve you and replace them with new empowering beliefs.

The Self Program is for you, if:

You feel that you give more in relationships than you receive.

You feel emotionally drained in your life.

Something is repeating in your life without being able to avoid it.

You feel like you don’t flow and it’s hard for you to be yourself.

You fear being alone and that things will not work out.

You have the feeling that you are not moving forward .

You feel insecure and that your fears block you.

 You don’t know how to feel better.

Be yourSELF and create the relationships and life you want. 

Benefits of the SELF Program

Psychology for women:

You will connect with what you feel and need.

You will express yourself without judgment and dare to be yourself.

Have support and not feel alone during your process.

You will commit to yourself.

You will have more strength to make decisions.

Release confusion by understanding yourself better.

You can explore emotions and emotional wounds in a safe environment.

You will gain strength to empower yourself to be who you want to be.

You will implement a sustainable and lasting change in your relationships and for your life.

Experiences of some of my clients

I met Daria at the right time, when she was full of insecurities and fears. All because I never stopped to know myself well enough. I was full of doubts.

We have been working together for 4 months walking my path of self-knowledge and enormous (and precious) personal growth.

Daria, like a seamstress, has managed to weave a custom-made safe space exclusively for me. The threads have been affection, delicacy and respect for my times. In this space I can be comfortable and be myself. And I can’t find enough words to thank you.

She says the credit goes to me, but having the right mentor makes a difference. I feel that the time we spend together has an incalculable value. Our space is full of reflections, debate, challenges, metaphors, connections and understanding. That cocktail widens my gaze and has allowed me to find focus and acceptance of myself.

I always tell her that my favorite day of the week is when we have our session. It’s the best gift I can give to myself.

Esther V., advertising expert

The truth is that I had never spoken or had any kind of sessions with coaches or psychologists, so I didn’t know exactly how it worked.

For the first session I got to talk about a trust issue with reference to the second language and also dealing with overwhelming situations. However, in a subtle and natural way, this led us to deeper things.

I had no expectations about it, but Daria has been a guide for me to understand and learn from the situations that involved our sessions. In fact, I am left with great reflections that are very important for my life.

I would recommend her Coaching with complete certainty, her sessions are very interactive and professional, she generates a space of trust and total tranquility.

Laura, living abroad

I met Daria thanks to the recommendation of a cousin since I am starting to learn a language.

The experience [of Coaching] was incredible, I arrived feeling very overwhelmed, lost, stuck, with many doubts in my head, if I was doing it right, but Daria made me see things in a way that I was not seeing it because I was being very hard on myself. And it is normal to feel all those emotions because it is part of the learning process, the important thing is to have the tools and know how to act in that situation.

I left with another level of consciousness and this applies to any situation in life.

I want everyone to get to know you, Daria, you have given me a lot to continue my learning. Thanks.

Johana, preparing to move abroad

I have been doing therapy for many years and I wanted to implement another type of tool and I came to Coaching where I met Daria. It was a new experience for me, which at first was difficult for me to understand but which she knew how to direct very well and fulfill the objective of the session. For me it was very helpful in a lot of aspects, the main one: to see every situation from another perspective and solve it in a positive way to be able to implement it in everyday life. I like to work on my emotions and with her I was able to do it with total confidence and professionalism. Thanks!

Melissa, expat in Spain

Daria is an amazing coach! She has an innate talent to meet her clients exactly where they are at, guiding them to experience growth and success in any and all areas of their lives. When she gives you her focus it’s 100%. Her joy in serving her clients and helping them realize their potential seeps into every communication. She is truly a gifted soul and a blessing to all.

Tatiana M., entrepreneur

The SELF Program

Psychology for women

is personalized and has the following elements:


A conversation session (discovery session) of individual evaluation where we get to know each other and define your goals.

Individual sessions

 Weekly (online) sessions where we work on your goals.

Materials and tips

Through an app (Voxer, similar to whatsapp) I accompany you between your sessions in a digital way.

Program Self Daria Rosl - Overcome blockages and fears. Gain confidence to get to know and be yourSELF

Hello, I’m Daria Rosl.

As a Psychologist and Coach, I help women who are going through a hard time in their lives to establish healthy relationships, manage their emotions, fears and gain confidence to feel empowered and como back into their personal balance. Taking the step of seeking support to leave behind patterns, beliefs and behaviors is a very courageous step and I am here to accompany you to connect with the brilliant woman that you are.

Frequently asked questions about the SELF Program

Give yourself permission to build a relationship with yourSELF

and shine being you.