Build healthy relationships by being yourself.

Psychology for women

Psychology and Coaching online for women

Psychology for women

I help women who are going through a difficult time in their lives to establish healthy relationships, manage their emotions, fears and gain the confidence to empower themselves

I support you on your personal and professional development journey. Empowering you to discover answers and accept yourself with all your facets.

Taking the step to seek support in getting to know YOURSELF and become more self- aware is a very courageous step and I am here to support you to see the confident and brilliant person that you are.

Allow yourself to find answers and give yourself the time and permission to reestablish balance in your life.

Do you feel discontent with the relationships in your life?

Perhaps you feel that the relationships you build do not flow as you would like or they make you spend a lot of energy.

You may feel anxious and restless because you cannot find balance for yourself to feel at peace, with or without a partner.

You would love to have more confidence in yourself and that your well-being does not depend on something external or that you have to be someone else.

Through bad experiences, you may fear that they will be repeated or you feel unable to move forward. You see yourself blocked and you cannot be yourself as you would like.

I want you to know is that there is nothing wrong or weird about you. And tell you that I’ve been there too. I know that you have that empowered YOU within and I am here to help you see it with unwavering clarity.

The first step can be the beginning of a huge shift.  If you are here you already took that first step. Book a FREE 30-minute discovery session so that you resolve all the questions you have.

Client experiences

I met Daria at the right moment, when I was full of insecurities and fears. All because I had never stopped to get to know myself deep enough. I was full of doubts.

We have been walking side by side for 4 months now on my journey of self knowledge and enormous (and beautiful) personal growth.
Daria, as if she were a tailor, has crafted a safe space custom- made just for me. The thread has been tenderness, delicacy and respect for my timings. In this space I can be comfortable and be myself. And I cannot find enough words to thank her for it. She tells me the merit is mine, but having the right mentor makes the difference. I feel that the moments that we share together have an incalculable value. Our space is full of reflections, debate, challenges, metaphors, connections and comprehension. This cocktail has broadened my perception and has allowed me to find a focus and my own self acceptance.
I always tell her that my favorite day of the week is when we have our sessions. It has been the best gift I have given myself.
Esther V., advertising expert
The experience has been very positive. It has made me think a lot, it has empowered me positively and helped me get clarity on my ideas, understand myself better and have more confidence. It helped me to understand that there are things that are not in my hands. I have liked my sessions with her a lot. She knows how to listen very well and focus on YOUR topics.
Batseba, office assistant

Hi, I´m Daria Rosl

Psychologist, certified Coach, Polyglot and life optimist.

I want to tell you that you are not alone in what you feel and that looking for a solution is very courageous. It was a hard step for me to take in phases of big challenges.

Finding out that I was making decisions based on what others want and not knowing how to feel more confident in some relationships was just the tip of the iceberg. Through traveling and living abroad I realized more and more that the point to look at was the relationship with myself and to value all the facets that I discovered.

So I’ll give you a little spoiler, it’s not about the partner, it’s about you.

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Psychology and Coaching online  Daria Rosl

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