You feel like a new chapter in your life is about to start. You want to initiate a change for yourself.

You want to set goals that you can actually stick to because they feel right.

To me goal setting has mostly felt icky and not empowering. And starting a change (I am talking about big ones and small ones here: a different diet, a new job, new relationship, install healthier eating habits, starting your journey as an entrepreneur…) … well what comes up is: confusion, so many questions, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, lost and sometimes even anxious.

Things feel and also turn out quite differently if you actually let yourself create your own process, find your own way to define your goals, start that new chapter with steps that feel so ‘YOU’ that you can´t wait to get started.


… because if you take some stories on rainbows an important piece is making a wish. And another important piece is thinking about what you want and also to have an enjoyable experience with whatever change you want to initiate. So yes, this name is very intentional. And so is everything in this experience. It is an opportunity to start your new chapter, set your goals or initiate a change and create a completely new experience that empowers YOU.

How does it work?

7 stages that you will be guided through so you can create your own experience.

This is for your if:

  • You want to start a new chapter in your life, but don´t know how to start.
  • Goal setting feels icky and never got you too motivated, but you still would like to have a focus.
  • You want to initiate a change (from changing your diet, adding more movement to your life, installing a new habit, more studies to a new job or a total career pivot) and are looking for some guidance.
  • You have tried out a few things for defining goals, but you didn´t like the ‘common’ process of goal setting.
  • You are ready to start a new chapter, but feel overwhelmed, because it seems quite confusing as to where to begin.
  • The last years(s) have been alot and you are ready for a fresh start, but how does that actually look like?
  • You would like to try out different manners (actually get a taste and feel of different approaches) to support your growth, but there´s so much information out there…
  • Just ready for new perspectives and finding a nice space to experiment a little so you can get to know yourself better through your process of setting new goals and initiating your next chapter.

You will get this:

Guidance through all the different stages of the rainbow experience in a very simple container (Whatsapp Broadcast). Everything in one spot.
1:1 coaching support since you can reach out to me directly with thoughts, questions throughout the defined time period. (same place: Whatsapp).
Materials like workbook for each stage, audios or videos. If I can help with something that comes up for others as well I will provide tools on the go. This is a dynamic process.
Most importantly creating your unique experience so you get so much clarity on next steps of your new chapter that you get completely pumped thinking about them, because they feel so right for you.

The dates for this experience are: Starting Jan 21st until Feb 1st, 2022.

Your investment: 257€

There´s a special early bird present if you join until Jan 14th you get ONE COACHING SESSION with me (Value: 252€).

Webinar on the rainbow experience: Let´s dive in!

Hello! Have we met?

I am Daria Rosl. As a Psychologist and Coach I help women discover their answers in their personal and professional development and in their entrepreneurial projects. Taking the step to get support to gain more self knowledge, cultivate self-acceptance and empower yourself to be the version you want to be takes courage and I am here to support you on your journey to connect with the confident and brilliant SELF that you are.